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BeeHive Auto LLC

Used & New Auto Parts

since 1972

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Used tires for a great price

If you’re in the market for tires, don’t pay a huge fee by going to your local dealer. When you need a full set of tires, it’s advantageous on your part to shop around for the best price and opportunity. We offer used tires that are carefully inspected for wear and tear. When you purchase a tire from us, you’re getting a product that will last on the road at a price that will beat any dealership in town.

•     Experienced team

•     Friendly staff

•     Huge selection of used tires

•     Tires are carefully inspected before sale

How can you benefit?


We deal with tons of vehicles every single day and you can be assured of great quality. We’re familiar with different tire brands since 1972 and we have an understanding of what kind of tires work with each vehicle. Pay us a visit and we’ll guide you through the process. Our expert staff and great customer service will put you at ease.

In addition to selling used tires, we have a large stock of used auto parts. Are you the owner of a classic car? Don’t worry, we have auto parts for older vehicles as well.

Used auto parts available

For great deals on used tires, give us a call:



We've been in the auto parts industry for over 30 years. Every tire we sell is inspected and handled with the upmost care.

Why buy from us?